Workshop Goals

This groundbreaking Workshop is designed to bring together leaders in clinical and translational cancer research from academia, industry, NCI and FDA to assist investigators in understanding and improving the process of cancer drug development. The goal is to expedite the development and validation processes for new anticancer and cancer prevention agents so they can be made available to patients at an accelerated rate.

A clinical researcher's ability to design and conduct a successful clinical trial that provides a definitive answer about the effectiveness of a new approach is critical for achieving advances in cancer research. However, to make significant, sustained progress, clinical researchers must also possess a basic understanding of the broad framework of cancer drug development strategies that would lead to a series of pivotal clinical trials demonstrating efficacy and patient benefit.

This two and one-half day Workshop - led by faculty from academia, industry, government, and consumer groups - will provide a "small group" atmosphere to impart the knowledge necessary to enable successful clinical researchers to become expert in the entire spectrum of drug development. The Workshop will hone strategic planning skills with a focus on target validation and pathway identification that will lead to advances in the entire field of cancer research